Why is Timber the most advanced type of Building Material?

What is timber?

Timber is a type of wood that is used to make furniture, boats, musical instruments, and much more. Builders also use timber wood to build the frame of houses, pillars for bridges and larger buildings. Timber trees are usually grown through the forestry industry where thousands of trees are grown for the benefit of the various industries. Over the last few years timber has become extremely popular and the demand for it is high. As a result of high demands, timber trees are becoming endangered however there are plans on how to we can save them. There are different colours and textures of the wood; from yellowish-brown to dark brown and red.

Common types of Timber trees:

  • Palm
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Red Cedar

Building Material

Why is timber the most advanced type of building material?

When you compare timber to concrete or steel, timber is more efficient because of its different properties.  Timber is economically feasible, it is sustainable and renewable which means that one can grow more trees after it is cut down. Timber is more fire resistant than other building materials and an advantage of building with it is that it is easy to assemble.

Architects and other professionals in the industry have noticed that steel and concrete require more resources. The industry produces a huge amount of land and air pollution and this is one of the main reasons why timber has been in such high demand. Timber reduces the carbon footprint and the manufacturing or cutting of the wood is more environmentally friendly.

Timber cannot bend under pressure but can sustain an increasing amount of pressure without breaking or allowing the structure to collapse. It also makes a great heat conductor because wood is a good insulator from the cold therefore this property will ensure that your building is always warm. When it comes to the inner structure of the building, timber is the most advanced to use because it does not expand,and is resistant to heat therefore the wood gets much stronger with the heat unlike steel and concrete.

Another advanced property of timber is that it can absorb sounds and echoes thus if you are building a hall or theatre it is advisable to use timber for its benefits.

Utilizing timber in your building is preference to your framework since every one of the properties that it contains will furnish you with a strong structure.