Premium Wooden Balustrades in Cape Town

Wooden balustrade


A balustrade is a row of small posts, which are known as balusters. These posts are made from steel, wood and sometimes metal; they are commonly found on terraces, balconies and stairways. Balustrades provide support for buildings and are used as a form of safety in places where crowd control is a concern. Balustrades are used in a vast variety of shapes and materials for both decorative and practical purposes.

The most popular materials used for staircase balustrades at the moment are either wood or stainless steel; the choice depends on your preference. Both these materials are great for balustrade designs; but timber is best for a modern or traditional look. It offers flexibility in style, materials and a finished look. Timbacore custom-manufactured wooden balustrades are made from flexible material that can be carved into a variety of shapes and finishes. We use three types of wood to manufacture the strongest balustrades; balau, latte and pine. Our wooden balustrades are timeless in their elegance, and they are affordable and easy to install.

There are many benefits to installing balustrades, but the biggest and main function of them is safety; they are meant to keep you from the potential danger of falling from a high building. Without balustrades, everyone in your home or building is susceptible to more accidents and other hidden dangers.

Timbacore balustrades come in a variety of wood and designs. We manufacture, supply and install wooden balustrades for a range of applications. If you are looking for high-quality wooden balustrades for your home or office building in Cape Town, contact Timbacore today!