Recover that Sundeck

Follow these 5 easy steps to ensure that your sundeck is well cared for and kept looking as beautiful as day one.

  1. Clean Up!

Before you attempt to make any repairs to your deck or even if it is just general housekeeping and maintenance ensure that you are working wit a clean surface. Loose wood fibres and dirt can easily be removed by applying water with a pressure house. This will allow for a deep cleanse. While you attempt to do this ensure that you don’t apply the force of water to one specific spot as you take the risk of gouging the wood.

Once throuhrougly cleaned allow the deck to dry out for 12-24 hours.

2.    Fix Nail Pops

Should you encounter any nail pops carefully remove these with the back end of a hammer. We suggest that you rather make use of screws as they are more effective in handling the wear and tear of wood. Longer screws will keep the wood together for longer and avoid injuries by popping out when too much pressure gets applied.

3.    Repair Split Wood

Repair damaged planks by carefully removing them. Make sure to replace with the same wood that was originally used to build your deck to avoid visible differences in wood. Carefully cut wood with jigsaw and safely secure with screws.

4.    Stain and Seal

Even though pressure-treated lumber resists insects and decay, it’s still vulnerable to moisture and the sun’s rays. To preserve it without changing the colour, uses clear wood preservative that contains a UV protector, which will bring new life to the surface while protecting it from the elements.