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Wendy House

Timber structures have become a very popular feature in many gardens in South Africa. There are variety of wooden structures available; the main ones are log cabins and Wendy houses. The cabins resemble a timber home, and can be used as guestrooms, storage facilities and as playhouses for children. Wendy houses have many uses and purposes; if you are planning on installing one, it is important that you comply with the South African building codes.

Wooden Wendy houses have a more natural look and will easily blend in with the garden environment. The Wendy house is a preferred structure to have in the backyard mainly because they come in a variety of impressive designs and they are easily customisable. Another advantage of wooden Wendy houses is their mobility, they can be moved anywhere around your garden.

The following decorative accessories can be added to Wendy houses:

• Shutters
• flowerboxes
• benches
• ramps
• ventilation systems.

If you are looking for a Wendy house that will not be damaged during the rainy seasons, find one that is manufactured from water-resistant wood. Timbacore is a supplier of high-quality timber products that are real value for money. We will design and manufacture your Wendy house according to your specific requirements and needs.

The Timbacore installations department takes pride in delivering the best service at all times; strict quality measures are put into place and site preparation is done before installation.

We install all over Cape Town. For more information on our Wendy houses, please contact Timbacore.